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how do i check the tide before i visit mersea island

We frequently get lots of questions about the tide from visitors to Mersea Island. In reality the tide only covers the Strood, which is the only road onto the island, usually twice a day for only one week during the month. Once the tide covers the Strood, the island really does once again become an island for about an hour and a half.

To check the tide, you can view the tide times for West Mersea here.  We always advise that if the tide is 5.00 metres and above it will more than likely cover the Strood. In this case we would recommend allowing up to an hour and a half either side of the tide to get on or off the island safely.

Thee have been a number of vehicles that try to cross the Strood once the tide comes in and then get stuck, not only is the salt water bad for your vehicle it is also a danger to life. Please take note of the tide table, it is published for your safety.

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