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The authoritative guide to Mersea Island

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Visit Mersea Island - Frequently Asked Questions

east mersea to brightlingsea foot ferry

Did you know you can catch the foot ferry from Mersea Stone in Cudmore Grove Country Park to Brightlingsea Harbour across the River Colne? The custom built ferry boat has a ramp which can be lowered to allow for wheelchair users and cycle access as well as foot passengers using the service. By tak…

stuck by the tide

It’s amazing how often the topic of the high tide at the Strood comes up in conversation on Mersea. Locals want to keep the Strood as it is, others want to see it raised and many holiday makers worry they will be stranded on or off the island for days on end!! Either way, the flooding of the s…

how do i get to mersea island

We have had a few questions on how to get to Mersea Island, so we thought we would put some information together for you. Before setting off on your journey, ensure you check the tide times as this could affect your journey. Click here to check tide times. By Car From the A12 leave at junc…

is my dog allowed on the beaches at mersea island

We frequently are asked about the rules regarding dogs on Mersea beaches and we have a definitive answer for you right here! West Mersea Town Council say that Mersea beach works on a “Live and Let Live” basis and the beach is used by thousands of people for many leisure activities – sometimes t…