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Crabbing at West Mersea

Crabbing at West Mersea

If you’re after a great idea to entertain the kids (or adults!) on a budget, crabbing is a great idea!  The causeway at West Mersea hard is the idea place to crab with specific areas marked to do this.  Please take care to observe these rules if you go, as it is a working causeway for local fishermen too!  Now, you can purchase special crabbing equipment from many local shops but, if you go prepared, the same result can be achieved with a length of string, a large washer and an old bucket.  Use strips of bacon as bait and you’re all set.  Next bit is easy, just sit on the edge, drop your line and wait.  An hours fun should give you a large bucket full of crabs.  When you’re done, just tip them out & watch them run back to the water.  But watch those pinchers!!!

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