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Did you know about Mersea Barrow?

Did you know about Mersea Barrow?
Just up the East Mersea road as you come onto Mersea Island, is a conspicuous mound on the left. It is thought to be a Romano-British burial barrow, to AD 100-120 (although in 2012 there is a growing school of thought that it may be a purely Roman burial mound). The mound was excavated in 1912 and an entrance passage built. In the centre was a small burial chamber built of Roman bricks capped by septaria (clay nodules) and inside was a lead box with a wooden lid. The box contained an urn of green glass containing cremated remains. 
The barrow is also known as Mersea Mound, Mersea Mount or Grim's Hoe.

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Visitors comments

PETER MANDELL on 20/5/2019 at 15:46 says:

I visit Mersea Island often as inspiration for some of my paintings,and to take photographs.
I saw the barrow mentioned somewhere recently, and will visit soon and report back.


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