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Stuck by the tide?

Stuck by the tide?

It's amazing how often the topic of the high tide at the Strood comes up in conversation on Mersea.  Locals want to keep the Strood as it is, others want to see it raised and many holiday makers worry they will be stranded on or off the island for days on end!! Either way, the flooding of the strood causes a lot of talk.  Those who dare to try to cross at high water at the very least risk the salt water eroding the underside of their vehicle with many in recent times having to be rescued from the threat of being washed into the Estuary with dramatic footage being seen in the national papers.  The fact is, if you are in a hurry, driving through the water is not an option.  The emergency services do a great job of dealing with the tide with the fire service sending a crew to sit Mersea side each time we are cut off from the mainland and the air ambulance regularly sent to medical emergencies at high tide.  The debate continues as to whether it is time to raise the Strood but, in the meantime make sure you check the tide table so you don't get stuck. 

Check the tide table here.

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