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Do you believe in ghosts? Have you heard about the Roman Soldier who walks the Strood?

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you heard about the Roman Soldier who walks the Strood?

During the Roman times, Mersea Island was a Roman outpost and wasn't too far away from the extremely important Roman settlement of Colchester, Essex.

Quite possibly the oldest ghost seen in the UK is the apparition of a Roman Soldier which has been seen crossing the Strood, the ancient causeway which was built to improve access onto the island.

The first reported sightings came in 1904 and later reports suggest that the Roman Soldier has sometimes been spotted illuminated by car headlights, whilst other times he’s just heard marching close by…

There are even reports of the terrifying sound of soldiers fighting with swords and men marching next to heavy carts along the Strood. Even scarier is that these sounds are also reportedly heard when the tide is covering the Strood!

One common theme amongst these ghostly sightings is that they normally happen in the autumn, particularly around October time.

Mersea Island, for some retiring soldiers, became their having settled into the lifestyle of Roman– British society. This is one of the reasons why this ghostly tale is the most believable legend of why a Roman ghost has been spotted.

Next time you cross the Strood, keep your eyes peeled and listen for the Roman Soldier as you may not be alone…….


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