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Was there ever a railway on Mersea Island?

Was there ever a railway on Mersea Island?

The early 1900’s was when the golden age of seaside towns was gaining in popularity and the railway made travelling there easy and affordable for all classes of people.

Heavy goods and coal was brought to Mersea by boat and barges up until the end of the first World War and in 1911 a group of ambitious business men had plans to bring Britain’s growing railway network to Mersea from Colchester. A pier, promenade and a hotel were also on the business men’s agenda as Mersea was becoming a popular holiday resort.

However, the plans were stopped by the start of the first World War and subsequently the railway never arrived on Mersea Island, nor did the pier, promenade or hotels and we are happy they didn’t!

Part of the charm of the island is that it is a traditional coastal town with beautiful estuary views and no bright lights or noise from amusement arcades that are found in other Essex seaside towns. What Mersea has to offer is tranquil settings surrounded by wildlife,

These days you can purchase freshly caught fish straight off of the boat from Mersea Island Fresh Catch, take a trip out on a boat with Lady Grace Boat Trips, enjoy a fresh fish lunch at the very well known The Company Shed or the Oyster Bar, enjoy the beautiful coastal walks around Cudmore Grove Country Park or sample Mersea Islands very own wine and beer at Mersea Vineyard.

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