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The Company Shed

The Company Shed

The Company Shed is a family run seafood restaurant located in West Mersea, Colchester, they have gained a reputation among locals and tourists alike as being the best restaurant to visit for dishes such as crab, lobster, fish, mussels, tiger prawns and more. Their extensive eat-in or take-away seafood menu, combined with their fantastic friendly service, will ensure that you come back time and time again. All seafood and alcohol at The Company Shed is sourced locally, whenever possible, so visit The Company Shed for a real taste of the island.

Bring your own bread. The Company Shed has a license and are able to provide alcoholic and soft beverages, however you may still bring your own wine if you so wish.

You cannot book, so it is on a first come, first served basis. If The Shed is full, you can have your name placed in the queue and you will be given a rough estimate of how long your wait may be. We recommend getting there before 12.00pm at weekends and in the summer months to ensure you will be able to get in at all.

*Information & photo about The Company Shed is from their website which you can visit here.

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Visitors comments

on 20/5/2019 at 15:46 says:

Came here last year and completely fell in love took some seafood home will be returning this year again, staff lovely friendly and helpful xx


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